Welcome To Healing Hearts & Souls


As others before me have said, I'm so sorry you have a reason to seek us out but I'm so glad you're here. This is a place to release your fears, anxieties, etc., a place to "say" things you don't feel you can say out loud. It's a great place to get feedback from folks who have walked in the shoes that you are walking in now, pinchy toes and all.

The first few days, the first few weeks, the first few months....those are the hardest following disclosure. You may learn things about your child, your child's abuser, and yourself that you never could in a million years imagined to be true. I want to say to all of you that you are going to live through this.


Hang tough, hang weak if you must. The important thing to remember is that you must hang on.

There are many stories that bring us here together; some similar to your own and others vastly different but the thing that brings us together is our love for our children and our desire and passion to survive this ordeal.

Don't fear putting something on here that you think is "inappropriate," for we are all living the ultimate "inappropriate." Some will have great advice for you, and you may just touch on something that someone else is experiencing. That is what makes this forum the home that it has become for many of us. It's a place to escape, it's a place to face your biggest monster, it's a place that you make it.



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