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Healing Hearts & Souls


Healing Hearts and Souls is a support forum for Non-Offending Parents of children that have been vicitms of sexual abuse. You will find support and understanding that only can come from a person that has experienced the disclosure of child's abuse


Rules of the Group

You must be a NON-Offending parent, grandparent, caretaker, or family member of a child that has been a victim of sexual abuse.


Notes about joining this Group

All Applicants must have a valid e-mail address. Applications from Anonymous e-mail accounts will be denied. Your application should briefly state why you want to join and your relationship to the abused child. If you don't see "Apply to this Group" you must first register with Network 54.


Network54 & Healing Hearts is all absolutely FREE!


How to join the Group

This may seem like a lot just to join a support group, but we do this for the privacy and safety of our members. Remember if you have any problems just click on one of our names to the right and you can e-mail us with issues you are having accessing "Healing Hearts & Souls"


Already a Network 54 member:

Just login to Network 54 and apply for membership to Healing Hearts and Souls by clicking here - DO NOT USE THIS LINK UNTIL YOU HAVE LOGGED INTO NETWORK 54 - OTHERWISE WILL NOT RECIEVE YOUR APPLICATION


"Apply for Membership to Healing Hearts & Souls"




Not a Network 54 Member then just follow these steps:


Step 1 -

Create a Network54 login by clicking here:

"New to Network 54 & Healings Hearts & Souls"


Step 2 -

Log in to Network 54 using you new login:

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Step 3 -

Now that you have logged into Network54 you can now click the

"Apply for Membership"


Step 4 -

Validate your e-mail address by clicking on the link that you recieved in your e-mail from "nobody@network54.com"

When applying to this Group, you must supply a valid email address. When you have sent your application you will automatically receive via email a numeric key which you can use to validate your email. After you have validated your email address, the Group Owner can then approve your membership into the Group.


Step 5 -

Management of Healing Hearts & Souls will review your application. Once you are approved you will then be able to login and access the forum


"Healing Hearts & Souls"